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Mobile Service

Our dispatch service guarantees quick mobile installations. We understand that your time is valuable that’s why we come to you with everything it takes to repair or replace your windshield. Our mobile service is FREE and it fast and effective. Call today for and appointment.  


Windshield Repair

While a chipped or slightly cracked windshield may seem minor, it could easily turn into a replacement. It is important that you have us inspect your vehicle right away, taking care of any windshield repairs your vehicle may need to avoid future damages. If your car windshield has been chipped by a rock from the road or other debris, Palmetto Auto Glass may be able to repair it before it spreads through the entire piece of glass. We will assess the size and type of damage, helping you make the best decision for your vehicle.



Windshield Replacement 


Whether your glass is chipped, cracked, or damaged beyond repair; it’s time to call a professional at Palmetto Auto Glass. We are experienced professionals providing windshield replacement services since 1988. All employees are (AGSC) certified providing quality services at affordable prices. Our number one priority is to provide our customers with integrity, honesty, and quality services at affordable prices. In South Carolina, many windshield replacements fall under comprehensive insurance claims without a deductible; this means zero “out of pocket” expenses for you. 

About Palmetto Auto Glass

Palmetto Auto Glass continues to grow and expand its practices. We are constantly adjusting to the latest techniques and products used to replace and repair glass. Three decades ago, butyl tape was the product of choice for most glass installations. Research has shown there are more effective and safe ways to secure a vehicle's windshield, such as urethane.

Palmetto Auto Glass uses the industry leading brand of products to ensure that your auto glass repairs are safe and secure. We also use original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) when needed. OEM glass will fit perfectly to your vehicle's molding, minimizing the risk of air and water leakage. Palmetto Auto Glass does everything possible to ensure the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Some of the brands our technicians use include:

  • PPG

  • Carlite

  • Pilkington

  • Guardian

  • LOF

  • Saint-Gobain Sekurit

We also offer the following non-OEM brands for your selection:

  • FYG

  • ARM

  • ATI

  • XYG


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