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What Does It Cost?

When your windshield (or in SC’s case, ANY window) is cracked,  your insurance has to replace it with NO deductible. And not only will your insurer cover it, we will come to your workplace or home and replace it right there.  So no missed work or sitting around in repair shops for hours.




You do have to pay to carry comprehensive insurance coverage as part of your personal auto insurance policy.

You must have a SC policy on the vehicle.


Windshields And More...

Whether you've got issues with vehicle door glass, quarter panel glass, your back/rear glass and/or vent glass, you won't have to worry about it because we have an experienced team of glass techs that can fix just about any type of glass damage.


What We Are Able To Fix

Side Glass – Also known as door glass, this is found on both the driver and passenger side doors.

Solar Coated – Some windshields have a coating on the inside that reflects infrared energy. If it's cloudy outside, this coating may make your windshield look blue or purple.

Vent Glass – This triangular piece of glass can be located in the front or rear door.

Windshield Repair – If your windshield isn't damaged badly enough to warrant replacement, the AGSC-certified technicians at Palmetto Auto Glass can repair your glass in under 30 minutes. Repairing minor damage now prevents major damage from happening later. Our process is safe, quick and effective, and we use only the highest quality products to complete all your repairs

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